How to improve Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

You can fix your bad credit history. To do this, you need to increase the level of your financial discipline, if this is the reason, or find factual errors and eliminate them. Consider ways that will help in correcting your credit history and increase your chances of getting a loan especially Bad credit loans online guaranteed approval.

Correction of factual errors

Factual errors include those that have documentary evidence of incorrectly reflected information. If in your report you notice a delay in payment that does not exist, you must submit an application to the CBI that generated this report and attach reasons for deleting incorrect CI records.

This basis could be:

  • bank certificate of no debt
  • executed payment orders or receipts with the date of payment
  • account statement for the period, certified by the bank

Based on your application, the CBI requests the bank and makes adjustments within 30 days. If after this period the incorrect information is not removed, request a written clarification on this issue. All appeals can be submitted from your account on the given website or sent by registered mail.

Contestation of loan agreements that were not concluded

If your credit history contains information about loans issued that you did not apply for, you must apply to the bank. When applying, you can demand the removal of obligations to repay the debt, as well as the deletion of the record of this loan in all places.

It is difficult to prove that you did not enter into a loan or credit card agreement. If the contract is drawn up on an invalid passport, the organization that issued the loan is responsible for this.

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