Endless Laughter – Dive into the World of Funny Telugu Movies on aha OTT

In the exciting world of Indian movies, Telugu films stand out. They’re known for great stories and making people laugh a lot. aha OTT is like a goldmine, complete with these comedy movies Telugu. You can watch them anytime and have a blast!

  1. House Arrest

The movie features actors like Srinivas Reddy, Saptagiri, Adurs Raghu, Ravi Prakash, Ravi Babu, ThagubothuRamev, Frustrated Sunaina, Kaushik, and more. Shekhar Reddy Erra directs the film, produced by K. Niranjan Reddy. Anup Rubens provides the music, while J. Yuvraj handles the cinematography and Chota K. Prasad edits.

The story revolves around Samba (played by Srinivas Reddy), Johnny (played by Saptagiri), Sreeselam (played by Adurs Raghu), and two others who are involved in stealing and kidnapping children. One day, they plan to rob a house, unaware that the adults have left the children alone at home to attend a wedding.

What unfolds is the interaction between these thieves and the children. Seeing them as villains, the children devise clever plans to outsmart them. As the story progresses, the thieves face various challenges and the children impress everyone with their intelligence. In the end, the movie reveals how the story of these thieves concludes and how the children emerge victorious.

  1. Men Too

Starring Naresh Agastya, Brahmaji, Harsha Chemudu, Sudharshan, Riya Suman, Priyanka Sharma, Mourya Siddavaram, Kaushik Ghantasala, Ashritha, and Karthik Adusumilli. Directed by Srikanth G Reddy. Produced by Mourya Siddavaram. Music by Elisha Praveen G & Osho Venkat. Cinematography by PC Mouli. Edited by Karthik Vunnava.

Aditya, Sanju, and Munna are friends who often hang out at the ‘Stags Only’ pub. One day, they meet Rahul, who lost his job because of accusations of sexual harassment. What Rahul decides to do next shocks everyone. Did Rahul harass his coworker? Find out in the movie.

  1. Wanted Pandugod

Renowned director K Raghavendra Rao has brought us a new movie named Wanted PanduGod. The film stars popular comedians from Tollywood in important roles and you can watch it on aha.

Pandugadu, played by Sunil, is a feared criminal who escapes from jail and hides in the forest. The government announces a reward of one crore rupees for whoever catches him. Learning about this, actors like Anasuya, Vennela Kishore, 30 Years, Tanikella Bharani, Sudigali Sudheer, Saptagiri, Pruthvi, Srinivasa Reddy, and Amani, who have significant parts in the film, set off on a journey to catch Pandugadu. The rest of the story revolves around who manages to catch Pandugadu.

  1. 3 Monkeys

Anand, known as Ram Prasad, Santosh, Sudigali Sudheer, Phani, or Getup Sreenu, are three carefree bachelors who don’t take life seriously. But everything changes when they find themselves in big trouble, which escalates into a murder case. The story unfolds as we see how these friends tackle their problems and try to escape them unharmed.

In conclusion

Explore the world of hilarious comedy movies Telugu on aha OTT and enjoy non-stop laughter. aha has lots of funny movies that will make you laugh endlessly. It’s a place where they cherish the old and new ways of making people giggle in Telugu cinema. So, get comfortable, and get ready to laugh with aha OTT!

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